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  • Andrew Lake

Advanced flow analysis, new visualization headline latest NetSage release

The release of NetSage version 1.3.0 brings with it a number of new features. This includes a new Flow Analysis dashboard (shown below) targeted at advanced users with a desire for greater control over selection criteria and need to directly compare utilization with flow data.

Another noticeable addition is that of slope graphs to the Flow Data dashboard. The slope graph provides a visual summary of the flows between two endpoints as shown below.

A line between two points in the diagram indicates at least one flow passed between the organizations labeled at each each end of the line. Darker lines indicate greater volume of data transferred between those two points. A tooltip that appears when you hover over the line gives you a numeric summary of the flow traffic.

In addition to the new dashboard and visualization, dozens of other improvements were made to increase consistency, verify accuracy and clarify the statistics reported. The combination of features found in this release will hopefully provide users with the best NetSage experience to date.

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