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Dr. Sean Peisert

Dr. Sean Peisert is jointly appointed as a staff scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory; as chief cybersecurity strategist for CENIC and director of the CENIC/ESnet Joint Cybersecurity Initiative; and as an associate adjunct professor of Computer Science at the University of California, Davis. His research and development interests cover a broad cross section of usable and useful computer and network security solutions. In recent years, Dr. Peisert's R&D has focused on developing security techniques that improve and enable the use of distributed, high-performance, and cloud computing resources to conduct scientific research, and improving the secure functioning of power grid control systems.  Previously, he was an I3P Research Fellow and was a computer security researcher at the San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC). He received his Ph.D., Masters, and Bachelors degrees in Computer Science from UC San Diego.

Eric Wu

Eric Wu is currently a software developer at eWorld Enterprise Solutions in Honolulu, Hawaii.
During the first two years of the NetSage project he was a systems administrator for the Laboratory for Advanced Visualization and Applications at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Sreemukha Taduru

Sreemukha Taduru is a Software Developer at GlobalNOC in Bloomington, Indiana. He is part of the Network Data Collection and Analysis team which is responsible for collecting and analyzing data, as well as operations of all the systems.

Dipankar Dwivedi

Dipankar Dwivedi is a Research Scientist in the Geochemistry Department at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Dr. Dwivedi has extensive experience with reactive transport modeling, machine learning techniques, and data assimilation approaches. He is currently working on advancing watershed science using exascale computing by combining mechanistic modeling and machine learning methods.

Mr. Brian L.Tierney

Brian Tierney is a project consultant. He was a Staff Scientist and group leader of the ESnet Advanced Network Technologies Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) before retiring in 2017. His research interests include high-performance networking and network protocols; distributed system performance monitoring and analysis; network tuning issues; and the application of distributed computing to problems in science and engineering. 

Jon Dugan

Jon Dugan is a software developer and a former network engineer at ESnet, the US Department of Energy high performance science network. His professional interests include building tools to help network engineers, network monitoring and visualization, network automation and high performance networking. He is currently a technical lead in the Software Engineering Group at ESnet.

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