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  • Andrew Lake

Deep-dive into flows with new NetSage features

The just released NetSage 1.6.0 focuses on enabling new insights from flow traffic. Leading the way in this feature-set is a new page for viewing information about an individual flow. This is linked directly from the existing Individual Flows listing for quick access to additional detail. See the image below for a sample:

A few other highlights include:

  • Last release NetSage added a map to the Science Disciplines dashboard to give an idea where scientific transfers were occurring around the globe. This release the Projects dashboard also gets a map showing where specific collaborations are sending and receiving traffic.

  • As you browse the dashboards you may also notice a new menu to "Show Test Traffic" has been added. This new menu allows network measurement traffic to be filtered. This includes traffic generated by perfSONAR-supported tools such as iperf3 and nuttcp to be filtered. While these tools are useful, by design they can generate large flows that can be useful to exclude when looking for large scientific flows or other user traffic.

  • As always, the release also brings with it a number of smaller enhancements and improvements to existing dashboards.

We hope you find the new updates beneficial and look forward to your feedback.

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