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  • Andrew Lake

Pinpoint Underperforming Flows with NetSage 1.7.0

A new release of NetSage is now deployed at This release introduces a number of changes on both the frontend and backend of the software to ensure NetSage is labeling and presenting the data in the most useful way possible. For example, the Flow maps have been revised with legends that more clearly define the source/destination pairs. The NetSage team has also revised the metadata used to enrich flows to include information like more projects with clearer names. We hope these changes will make interpreting the data easier.

This release also adds tools for pinpointing flows that may be experiencing unexpected performance problems. In the Advanced Flow Analysis dashboard you will now find two new menus: "Individual Flow Volume Over" and "Individual Flow Rate Under". These new menus allow you to find flows that have sent a lot of data but are not performing at the desired transfer rate. Combined with the existing filters you can dig down even deeper such as selecting a pair of organizations to find underperforming flows between them.

We hope you enjoy the updates and look forward to your feedback.

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