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Easier data visualization with updated maps and graphs

The latest NetSage release (1.10.0) is now public and brings several visual updates to maps and graphs. Bandwidth maps, like the one available at, have been updated to display link utilization according to color coded throughput ranges, making identification of relative link usage more intuitive. SNMP graphs have also received a facelift and now display bidirectional maximum and average values on the same graph, along with new color gradients that allow for improved legibility. Total volume bar graphs have been added to the top sources and destinations tables on the Flow Data for Projects Dashboard, and top sources and destinations on all Dashboards have been increased from top 10 to top 25.

At the core of these changes is an update from Grafana v7 to v8, keeping NetSage up to date with current releases and allowing the base framework to take advantage of new updates in functionality. During this update process each dashboard was evaluated for consistency, tweaked for usability, and checked for data integrity. We hope you enjoy the results and, as always, welcome any feedback you may have.

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