• Andrew Lake

NetSage update adds new dashboards and visualizations

The latest NetSage release (1.5.0) aims to expand how you can look at the data with a pair of new dashboards and a number of other visual updates

The new Flow Data for Projects dashboard uses Science Registry information to identify flows associated with a selected project and display information about the size, rate and involved organizations in matching flows. You can see an example displaying the Manua Loa Observatory below:

The new Top Talkers Over Time dashboard is an initial step into displaying information over longer time ranges. It ranks the organizations by those that sent the highest volume of traffic in a select time interval (default: 14 days) over a stretch of time (default: 3 months). An example is shown below:

In addition to the new dashboards, you may also notice a slightly updated "look and feel" to a number of existing pages. In the example below, existing summary flow dashboards have new tables with bar graphs embedded directly in the columns for a more concise view:

We hope you find the new updates beneficial and look forward to your feedback.

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