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Navigate Data More Easily with Latest NetSage Update

Making it easier to gain valuable insights from existing NetSage dashboards is the primary goal of the latest NetSage release (version 1.2.0). The NetSage team strived to achieve this goal by increasing consistency, providing clear descriptions of the information displayed and verifying the results presented. This led to numerous small changes but also a larger change in the form of a fundamental improvement in how users can move between dashboards.

A key focus was to make navigation between the dashboards as seamless as possible. For example let's say you were presented with a dashboard like the one below with a summary of flows for Indiana University over the last week:

Now let's say you asked "What individual flows contributed to the volume of traffic reported between Indiana University and the University of Hawaii over the same time period?". Prior to v1.2.0 you'd have to use the page navigation to manually move to the Individual Flows dashboard, find the organizations of interest in the menus, verify your time range and wait for the dashboard to load. Now you can simply click the organization name in the table and get taken to the page with the matching organizations and time range automatically populated. For example, if you click University of Hawaii in the dashboard above you'll get sent to a page with the following table and a number of other diagrams:

You'll find this type of linkage between a many of our dashboards making the workflow of exploring the data a much smoother process.

While the navigation may be one of the more noticeable changes, the NetSage team has implemented a number of changes to improve the overall NetSage experience and get the most out of the data. The changes include:

  • The ability to look at the individual flows between countries in a new dashboard that can be accessed by clicking the links in the tables of the Flow Data per Country dashboard.

  • The ability to see the source and destination IP subnets in the existing Individual Flows and new Individual Flows by Country dashboards

  • Updated descriptions on the heading of each dashboard to better explain what is being shown.

  • Increased consistency across all dashboards in terms of units, precision and statistics reported for common information

  • Performance fixes to increase load time of menus on every page

Those are just some of the great enhancements in 1.2.0, and don't be surprised if you find a few more while exploring!

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