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  • Andrew Lake

NetSage update improves the way you see flows between countries

Today a new version of the NetSage portal was released. NetSage 1.1.2 contains a number of improvements that make NetSage easier to use and understand. The most noticeable change is on the Flow Data per Country dashboard where you'll now see new Sankey diagrams at the top of the screen. There are two diagrams next to each other: one that shows the top 10 senders to the selected country and another that shows the top 10 destinations to where the selected country is sending. See the example below that shows the top 10 source and destinations to/from the United States:

Sankey diagrams are not new to NetSage but this is the first time NetSage has applied it to country data. Our hope is that users will find this diagram useful for better understanding their flows, building valuable reports and other creative applications.

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