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  • Andrew Lake

New NetSage Update is Live

A new NetSage update is now available. You can see the latest update on the NetSage International dashboard. The update introduces two new dashboards as well as a number of enhancements to existing content. The full details can be found below:

New Dashboards

  • A new Science Discipline Patterns dashboard with carpet plots showing the transmission rates the different science discipline experience over time.

  • A new Individual Flows dashboard that displays statistics on individual flows between two selected organizations.

Enhancements and Fixes

  • Added descriptions at the top of all dashboards to clarify their purpose.

  • Updated scaling in the Bandwidth Patterns dashboard to better support longer timeframes.

  • Updated the Other Flow Stats dashboard with statistics about number of items in the science registry, organizations AS numbers and countries observed by NetSage.

  • Added percentage of retransmits to the Flow Data for Data Archives dashboard.

  • Fixed ordering issue in Flows by Country dashboard where tables were ordered alphabetically instead of by volume.

  • Fixed issues where NetSage menus would not always load.

  • General clean-up of all dashboards to make NetSage more consistent and easier to interpret.

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